Tuesday, April 2, 2013


It's 14.50. I also have 14 school days left at RCN - ever! And 50 days until graduation. Time flies, huh.

This means that exam studying has kicked in. First years are starting Leirskule training (see "Leirskule" for more) meaning their away most of the afternoon and second years have crawled back to their desks, the library and classrooms for reviews and intense studying. Even though we just had Easter, the usual afternoon-tiredness is kicking in and coffee seems like my best friend once again.
(I even decorated it with this lovely picture saying "I'm so tired, I just want to sleep for a couple of days" - seemed appropriate :)

In reality it isn't that bad. We are socializing a lot, every night (hint the tiredness) and enjoy every last moment in beautiful Flekke. Today I am going to take pictures for my second year corner in the yearbook. I took the one below on Saturday, but I have a slightly different idea in mine now.. You will see! Anyways, the sun is out and has been for the longest time (except for the occasional snow storm). It is also supposed to stay out for at least another week. Spring might have actually come to Flekke this year! 

As I am waiting for a letter or an e-mail to come with my financial, my book, that I ordered over a month ago, finally came today. I have promised myself not to read it before I have finished my English books for exams, but I am really excited. I don't actually like reading, but maybe I have just gotten so used to school literature being throw at me with a deadline, that I forgot what it was like to read for the literature itself. We will see how it goes. My motivation to finish my books for English is high now, because I just want to get started with "Looking for Alaska". I don't know much about it, and the reviews are mixed, so let's hope won't disappoint me. 

Happy belated Easter to everyone!