Thursday, April 19, 2012


I just realized I haven't explained the concept of Leirskule, so here we go.
Leirskule (translated: Camp school) is a Nordic tradition, that though varies from the different countries. In Norway Leirskule is focused on outdoors and what better place to go then, than to Flekke? Therefore, for I think 16 weeks a year (from April-October) we have a group of children coming and each day a different small group of students do different activities with them, depending what they've signed up for. (Here's a link for Norwegian understanding people: RCN leirskule) Myself and three other students do diving with a group of them (normally about 4-10 children) in the pool, but we have only been going for two weeks so far.
So basically we learn them how to dive with a snorkel, masks and fins and play around with them for a while and it is usually a great amount of fun!
Other groups do things as kayaking, climbing, archery, adventure runs, cultural sharing activities and so on..

Here's some pictures from some of last week's activities:

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